Through a Glass Darkly is the sixth episode of the second series of The Musketeers.

The episode was written by Marnie Dickens and series creator Adrian Hodges and directed by Andy Hay. It premiered on 20 February, 2015, in the UK.

Synopsis edit

Following the suggestion of Rochefort, the Musketeers escort the royal family to observe a solar eclipse with a renowned astronomer and are caught in a trap.

Plot edit

Detailed plot to come.

Spoilers follow. As the episode begins, King Louis gathers members of his court - including his new mistress Milady de Winter - to celebrate the upcoming solar eclipse. The king decides to take the court, along with Aramis, D'Artagnon, Porthos, and Rochefort, to observe the eclipse at the observatory of astronomer Marmion.

Marmion welcomes the court to his observatory and introduces them to his camera obscura, which will allow them to observe a harmless reflection of the solar eclipse. However, just as the eclipse occurs, Marmion and his men attack the royal party.

Cast edit

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