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The Musketeers is a drama serial based on The Three Musketeers, which was originally written by author Alexandre Dumas. The series is a co-production between BBC and BBC America and was created by executive producer and lead writer Adrian Hodges. The series has so far broadcast Series One and Two with a third commissioned and currently filming for an unconfirmed 2016 release. Following the second series, creator Adrian Hodges announced that he would not be continuing to write for the series.

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In 17th century Paris, musketeers d'Artagnan (Pasqualino), Athos (Burke), Aramis (Cabrera) and Porthos (Charles) fight for what is just and are heroes in the truest and most abiding sense — men we can trust and believe in to do the right thing, regardless of personal risk.

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No. Image Title Writer Director Release Date
1 Friends and Enemies "Friends and Enemies" Adrian Hodges Toby Haynes 19 January 2014
2 P01q7mk1 "Sleight of Hand" Adrian Hodges Toby Haynes 26 January 2014
3 Commodities3 "Commodities" Susie Conklin Saul Metzstein 2 February 2014
4 P01rp6fj "The Good Soldier" Adrian Hodges Richard Clark 9 February 2014
5 P01sg8w0 "The Homecoming" James Dormer Saul Metzstein 23 February 2014
6 P01sw209 "The Exiles" Ben Harris Andy Hay 2 March 2014
7 P01t9zty "A Rebellious Woman" James Payne Richard Clark 9 March 2014
8 P01trhsf "The Challenge" Susie Conklin Farren Blackburn 16 March 2014
9 P01vm067 "Knight Takes Queen" Peter McKenna Andy Hay 23 March 2014
10 P01w4n8j "Musketeers Don't Die Easily" Adrian Hodges Farren Blackburn 30 March 2014
11 201 "Keep Your Friends Close" Adrian Hodges John Strickland 2 January 2015
12 202 "An Ordinary Man" Adrian Hodges John Strickland 9 January 2015
13 203 "The Good Traitor" Lucy Catherine & Adrian Hodges Marc Jobst 16 January 2015
14 204 "Emilie" Ryan Craig & Adrian Hodges Andy Hay 30 January 2015
15 205 "The Return" Simon J Ashford Marc Jobst 13 February 2015
16 206 "Through a Glass Darkly" Marnie Dickens & Adrian Hodges Andy Hay 20 February 2015
17 207 "A Marriage of Inconvenience" Steven Bailie Edward Bennett 27 February 2015
18 208 "The Prodigal Father" Susie Conklin & Adrian Bodges Edward Bennett 6 March 2015
19 209 "The Accused" Simon J Ashford Nicholas Renton 20 March 2015
20 210 "Trial and Punishment" Simon Allen Nicholas Renton 27 March 2015
21 P03vq5lv "Spoils of War" Simon J Ashford Andy Hay 28 May 2016
22 P03wf9km "The Hunger" Simon J Ashford Andy Hay 4 June 2016
23 P03y5nxy "Brothers in Arms" Simon Allen Roger Goldby 20 June 2016
24 P03ym5ps "The Queen's Diamonds" Jeff Povey Nicholas Renton 25 June 2016
25 Musketeers Logo "To Play the King" Ellen Taylor Roger Goldby 2 July 2016

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