Remi Blacksmith
Remi Blacksmith
Job: Smithy
Affiliated with: Athos
Appearance: Commodities
Main actor: Tomas Masopust

Remi Blacksmith was a smithy in a village on the outskirts of Paris.


Early Lifeedit

In his early life, he was asked by Athos to hang Milady de Winter for crimes against his family. Remi performed the hanging in front of a priest whilst he hung her from a tree. He informed Athos that the deed was done, when he had actually been seduced by Milady and cut her free from the noose.[1]


When he found that Athos had returned to the village, he became very worried. Before the Musketeer could visit him, however, he was killed by Milady after she had returned to burn her history.[1]


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