Henrietta Maria

Henrietta Maria, is King Louis' sister and Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Henrietta flees England during the English Civil War, fearing for her safety. She goes to her brother asking for aid for her husband; King Charles I, during the Civil War. However on her way to Paris she is robbed of her jewels and diamonds. However, when she finds that her brother isn't enthusiastic about aiding her she fears that the stollen jewels could be very valuable as she could sell them off to buy weapons for her husband. King Louis however does decide to have the Musketeers find the jewels. In the end the Musketeers find that it was Émile Bonnaire who stole her jewels but with the help of her Lady-in-Waiting, Caroline. Henrietta is beyond shocked to learn of this deep betrayal. Henrietta then returns to England.

She is a very snobbish, rude person, as shown with her relationship with her half brother Govenor of Paris, Philippe Feron as she acts very superior to him, clearing showing her dislike for him - even pretending she didn't know who he was until Louis pointed it out, bored with his sister's attitude.

Louis and Henrietta

Louis XIII arguing with Henrietta Maria, with Queen Anne in the background

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