Paul Meunier
Paul Meunier
Job: Merchant trader
Affiliated with: Emile Bonnaire
Appearance: Commodities
Main actor: John Warnaby

Paul Meunier was a business partner of Emile Bonnaire.

Biography edit

After eight years of working with Emile, he was expecting a ship full of his cargo, but found that it was not on board. He tracked down Emile, who was being escorted by Musketeers to Paris and attempted to kill him. The Musketeers stopped his men, however, and forced to him to stay away from Emile. Athos promised that he would get his justice eventually.

A few days later, Emile returned to Le Havre, where Paul Meunier was visiting, and in a plot devised by the Musketeers, Paul was given the entirety of Emile's stock, while the man himself was captured by the spanish.[1]

References edit

  1. Commodities

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