Pastor Ferrand
Pastor Ferrand
Position: Pastor of a Huguenot congregation
Affiliated with: Jean de Mauvoisin
Appearance: The Homecoming
Main actor: Michael Jenn

Pastor Ferrand was a devout Huguenot who was the leader of a congregation in Paris.


Two Musketeers, Aramis and D'Artagnan, visited his parish to question him about the murder of Jean de Mauvoisin. He revealed that Jean was a frequenter of the parish due to his great loyalty to the Protestant faith. He explained that his ancestors were all Protestant followers and that his father, Emile de Mauvoisin, had only converted to Catholicism to please the King. Concerning the significant order of gunpowder found in Jean's residence, the Pastor knew nothing.

The Musketeers returned later to the basement of the parish where they found a printing press and barrels of both ink and gunpowder. Ferrand stated that he knew nothing of the gunpowder, but the printing press was used in contacting his congregation. When Athos showed him the signed order of gunpowder, the Pastor claimed that the signature was written with Jean's father's handwriting.[1]


  1. The Homecoming

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