Position: Former Musketeer
Affiliated with: Aramis
Appearance: The Good Soldier
Main actor: JJ Field

Marsac was a former Musketeer and an old friend of Aramis.


Early Lifeedit

He and Aramis were in a group of Musketeers who were camped just outside Savoy. One night, a group of Savoy soldiers attacked and massacred their fellow Musketeers, while Marsac pulled Aramis to safety. When the battle was finished, in a mix of guilt and shame, Marsac removed his Musketeer uniform and walked away from the scene.[1]

Return to Parisedit

On hearing the arrival of the Duke of Savoy in Paris, Marsac infiltrated the Louvre palace to assassinate the Duke, but was unsuccessful and found by his old friend Aramis. He pleaded that the death of the Musketeer friends was not his doing, and Aramis eventually believed him. He agreed with Aramis to stay under wraps for a while and he was given a room in Constance Bonacieux's house. D'Artagnan informed him that Constance was married before he could make any actions.

Angered by the fact that nobody believed him, Marsac took the Musketeers to a hideout where he had imprisoned an Old Serge. During their interrogation of the ex-soldier, they learnt that Captain Treville had been responsible for tipping off the location of the Musketeer group. Taunted by the chained man, Marsac lost his temper and unintentionally killed him. He was kept under house arrest until Aramis could complete his investigation.

In the company of Constance, Marsac suddenly found himself overwhelmed with the desire to kiss her. He forcefully touched her, but was eventually stopped by D'Artagnan who threatened his life if he ever did it again. He apologised and explained that he used to be honourable, but now he was changed. When Aramis visited him again with a confession from Treville, Marsac knocked him out with the intention of killing the captain, something that Aramis was never willing to do.


Marsac pointing pistols at Treville and Aramis.

At the Musketeer courtyard, Marsac snook into Treville's quarters, pointing a gun at him. He informed the captain that he would kill him, but not before he explained why the Musketeers were killed in Savoy. He didm't listen to reason when Aramis arrived to stop him. When he heard that the Musketeers had lost their lives to save the Duchess of Savoy, he decided to kill Treville. But, instead, he was regretfully shot by Aramis who cradled him in his arms as he died.[1]


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