Maria Bonnaire
Maria Bonnaire
Family: Emile Bonnaire (husband)
Appearance: Commodities
Main actor: Anna Skellern

Maria Bonnaire was the wife of Emile Bonnaire.

Biography edit

In Le Havre, Maria arrived to find Emile and save him from an arrest by the Musketeers. She employed a man named Thibault to escort him away from the port. However, she later realised that the Musketeers had captured him anyway.

Following their trail, she arrived at the derelict house where she pointed a musket at D'Artagnan and allowed Emile to join her on her horse. While making an escape, their road was blocked by a Spanish shooter who killed her with one shot. Emile left her body on the ground. As a sign of respect, she was later buried by her husband and the Musketeers.[1]

References edit

  1. Commodities

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