Marguerite was a supporting character in the second series of The Musketeers. She was the governess of the Dauphin and the lover of Aramis.


Marguerite was the daughter of a French noble family. Whilst being the Governess to the future King of France Marguerite falls in love with the Musketeer, Aramis. However his interest inher is in fact interest in the Prince (his secret son). Marguerite is then blackmailed by the Comte de Rochefort, who threatens to expose her scandals relationship with a Musketeer; which would hurt her future chances of marriage and life at Royal Court. Marguerite then begins doing tasks Rochefort asks of her, such as stealing a piece of jewellery from Aramis; which was given to him by the Queen. Marguerite is trusted by the Queen, so much so that when she plans to break into the Palace with; Aramis, Athos, herself and Captain Treville to see the King and make him see what a horrid man Rochefort truly is, Marguerite chooses to inform Rochefort, leading to the arrest of the Queen, Captain Treville and Athos. Just before Aramis walks into the trap with the others Marguerite beseeches Aramis to flee; however he does not. After the arrest of Aramis and the othes Marguerite feels beyond guilty and chooses to commit Suicide. Leaving a letter behind: which most likely informing the reader of Rochefort's evil plan. Sadly, however Rochefort finds her body and the letter and disposes of them both.




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