Jean de Mauvoisin
Affiliated with: Huguenot church
Family: Emile de Mauvoisin (father)
Appearance: The Homecoming
Main actor: Christophe Gilland

Jean de Mauvoisin was a devout Protestant. He was the son of Emile de Mauvoisin, who killed him due to their religious differences.


Sometime when he started frequenting the Huguenot church with Pastor Ferrand, Jean moved away from his father to Rue Calbert. When his father revealed that he wanted to sell the Court of Miracles to the King for a substantial wealth, Jean refused to sign for the gunpowder that Emile wanted to use to destroy the court.

While on a night out in the Wren, Jean was murdered by his father over their disagreement, and his murder was blamed on the Musketeer, Porthos. His death led to the investigation into Emile and eventually found him guilty of the crime and for plotting to kill the people in the Court of Miracles.[1]


  1. The Homecoming

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