Job: First minister of Savoy
Affiliated with: Duke of Savoy
Appearance: The Good Soldier
Main actor: Adrian Schiller

Gontard was first minister of Savoy.


He joined the Duke and Duchess of Savoy on their journey to Paris to meet King Louis XIII. He agreed with the Duke that he believed Cluzet was somewhere nearby in the city. Gontard was later displeased to see the Duke lose in a duel against a Musketeer, which would decide whether Savoy was to sign a treaty or not. He later confronted the Duke and believed it was foolish of him to attempt the fight as he could've been injured.

He later visited a tavern in the city to speak with a jailer who worked at the Chatelet. The man described a prisoner, whom Gontard believed to be Cluzet himself and paid the jailer for the information. He relayed the news directly to the Duke, who cursed the Cardinal's name.

As the Duke demanded to be taken to the Chatelet, Gontard joined him and together they entered Cluzet's cell. However, unbeknownst to them, Cluzet had been swapped with a decoy and the Duke blamed Gontard for the mess-up.[1]


  1. The Good Soldier

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