Affiliated with: Court of Miracles
Appearance: The Homecoming
Main actor: Fiona Glascott

Flea was a longtime member of the Court of Miracles, and ex-lover of Musketeer Porthos.


Early Lifeedit

When Porthos decided to leave the Court of Miracles to join the Musketeers, Flea tried to persuade him otherwise, but ultimately let him go due to her love for him.[1]

Porthos' returnedit

Flea was heavily involved in saving Porthos from his trial for murdering an innocent man on the night of his birthday. She greeted him kindly, but pestered him constantly about his decision to leave the Court of Miracles in the first place. In their reunion, she revealed that she was now in a relationship with Charon, Porthos' old friend. After seeing Porthos treat Charon's bullet wound, however, Flea's feelings for the Musketeer rekindled and she shared a kiss with him in private.

During the celebrations in which Porthos was supposed to escape the city, Flea disturbingly discovered that Charon had planned to destroy the Court of Miracles n favor of finding a better life for himself. When he offered to take her with him, she refused. Annoyed, he attempted to kill Porthos, but she turned the gun on herself and took the bullet. Wounded, she was eventually brought to safety by Athos who killed the leader of the group of attackers. Following Charon's death, Flea decided that she would stay at the Court as she always had and accepted the fact that Porthos was devoted to the Musketeers.[1]


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