Emile de Mauvoisin
Affiliated with: Catholicism
Family: Jean de Mauvoisin (son)
Appearance: The Homecoming
Main actor: Anton Lesser

Emile de Mauvoisin was a known Catholic and his family was part of the King's circle. He was the father of Jean de Mauvoisin.


Emile wanted to take the land of the Court of Miracles by blowing up the area and then selling it to the King. His son, however, disagreed with this plan as he didn't want to see the people of the court hurt. Along with their religious differences, Emile decided to forge his son's signature to purchase the gunpowder and then killed Jean. With the help of Charon, he framed the Musketeer, Porthos, for the crime.

Three Musketeers visited his house to explain that his son had been killed, and a Musketeer was accused of his murder. Emile, in distress, claimed that his son did not live with him, but in fact found residence at the Rue Calbert. Athos returned to his house later to explain that Jean might have been involved in a bomb plot to destroy a Catholic church. It was revealed that Jean had frequented a Protestant congregation. Emile claimed that he tried to keep his son away from that religion.

To execute his final plan, Emile visited Cardinal Armand Richelieu to explain what will happen to the court of miracles and how he would capture the land. He had his servant lead a group of men to set alight the previously planted barrels of gunpowder in the middle of a celebration in the court. Returning to his house, Captain Treville and the Musketeers accused him of forgery before demanding that he explain the plan. Emile happily said the plan would be executed at midday. Treville stayed behind to question his ethics, to which Emile replied that it was all for his family. The plan was foiled, however, by the Musketeers and his entire arrangement with the Cardinal was ceased. When his warrant for arrest arrived, Emile asked Treville for his musket so that he could shoot himself. The Captain of the Musketeers reluctantly complied and Emile committed suicide.[1]


Emile was a greedy, self-centered individual who desperately wanted to gain wealth and prosperity in his later years, even to the detriment of his family's religion. His turning to Catholicism shows his lack of loyalty and family values. His determination for the prolonging of his own personal legacy is so paramount that he even puts aside his son to reach his goals. This narrow-mindedness eventually led to him killing his son and cruelly framing someone else for the sake of his own gains. The decision to commit suicide perhaps shows his eventual realization that what he did was wrong, but he was too late to change anything.[1]


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