Duchess of Savoy
Duchess of Savoy
Job: French agent
Position: Duchess of Savoy
Family: Victor Amadeus (husband)
Louis Amadeus (son)
King Louis (brother)
Queen Anne (sister-in-law)
Appearance: The Good Soldier
Main actor: Phoebe Fox

Christine Marie de Bourbon or the Duchess of Savoy was the wife of the Duke of Savoy, Victor Amadeus. She was also the sister of King Louis XIII.


The Duchess arrived with her husband in Paris during a visit to sign a peace treaty between France and Savoy. She was happy to see her brother again, but distraught that an assassin had tried to kill her beloved, and she was ushered along with the others into the palace. Later, she sat with Queen Anne in the garden, while her son, Louis Amadeus and her brother dueled in fencing.

She agreed to play hide and seek with her son, under the pretense of talking with her husband and warning him about Cardinal Richelieu whom she believed was a scoundrel. In response, he affectionately kissed her, but was interrupted by the arrival of the Duke's first minister, Gontard. She returned to her son's game resentfully, but overheard that the minister had discovered the whereabouts of Cluzet.

As her life was at stake, the Duchess visited the Musketeers in Paris to demand that they stop her husband from discovering Cluzet in the Chatelet. She was successful, and escorted by them directly to the prison. There, she knocked out the Jailer and helped move the ex-chancellor out of his cell.

At the treaty, the Duchess informed the Musketeers that despite everything, she still loved her husband.[1]


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