Court of Miracles

The Court of Miracles was an area in Paris where criminals went to hide and keep away from the rest of the city. It was temporarily ruled by Charon.


In a major refurbishment of the city, King Louis XIII wanted to demolish the court, but found that it would be difficult to persuade the criminals to leave. Simultaneously, Porthos of the Musketeers was captured by members of the court and brought before Charon where he was invited to live the rest of his life.

A plot was later revealed, however, to destroy the court when Charon confessed to smuggling barrels of gunpowder inside at the service of Emile de Mauvoisin who was intent on selling the land to the King. The plot was inevitably foiled by the arrival of the Musketeers who both killed the masked Servant of de Mauvoisin and Charon.[1]


  1. The Homecoming

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