Position: Chancellor of Savoy (former)
Affiliated with: Duke of Savoy
Appearance: The Good Soldier
Main actor: Simon Paisley Day

Cluzet was the former chancellor of Savoy and often advised the Duke of Savoy on political matters. He was also a spanish spy.


When the Duke of Savoy had arrived in Paris, Cardinal Richelieu visited Cluzet in his cell in the Chatelet where he explained that the Duke had come to sign a treaty that would bind France and Savoy together. The former chancellor was outraged and believed Spain would have far more to offer. The Cardinal retorted that Cluzet now had no influence and could not advise Victor Amadeus otherwise.

A group of Musketeers pulled him from his cell along with his betrayer, the Duchess of Savoy. He was forced to be kept quiet while the Duke visited his cell.[1]


  1. The Good Soldier

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