Captain Marcheaux is the Captain of the Red Guards and Feron's most trusted lieutenant. Together, along with Grimaud, are secretly and constantly plot against the King for their own benefit. That makes him one of the main antagonists for the Musketeers.

Biography edit

We first see him on a tavern where he endlessly beats a new Musketeer cadet, while others from the Red Guard are watching them (including Feron) for entertainment. Luckily, Marcheaux was stopped by Minister Treville and the cadet was taken care by Constance. After that Constance wanted to show to Governor Feron that they have not been humiliated, and for that reason she and Treville made a plan. While Marcheaux and his men were bathing (at the old bathrooms) Constance locked them inside and set their clothes on fire. Panicked by the fire, the Red Guard (after they found that they were locked in) had to go outside and so they were humiliated in front of the people. Meanwhile, Marcheaux was humiliated too, after Treville punched him across his face. The next day he went to Feron, he furiously told him everything and Feron ordered him not happen again.[1]

References edit

  1. Spoils of war

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